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Reasons and discoveries, my motivation.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Reason #1. I felt some social and moral responsibility to raise THE voice some other women can not raise. I felt lucky to have been raised in a society that allowed me to make it until here. I wanted to contribute to extend my privileged condition to others. Sounds like a great start, but...

Discovery #1. Surprisingly, I found a lot more about my personal struggle than I thought. Among others, my subconscious had started internalizing that there is almost no way to keep a successful career in academia and a normal family life. Or at least, not for women. I have been sabotaging my career and/or my private life alternatively to avoid the discomfort of making this choice. I still do not have a solution, but at least I am aware of it.

Reason #2. Part of the reason why I am here it's because someone at time t-n made sure my generation could have more freedom than what she was endowed with. During our spring workshop series we learnt that policy, societies and biased minds take time to change. I like to think that generation t+n will have far better opportunities than ours. There is a lot of work to do, much more than I thought when I was naively motivated by "Reason #1", but I believe it is possible.

Discoveries ##. They are not a discrete number anymore and they've become the reasons themselves.

The real reason...

It would have been impossible to say "no" to these two! In this picture you can see the "day 0" of Women in Economics Léman.

"The struggles is real" @Laura would say, and so we need good travel buddies.

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