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We remain grateful to our previous members for their involvement and support throughout the years.

The Rare Voices in Economics initiative could not exist today without their help and work.

Thank you!

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I grew up between Brazil, the United States, and France, and started my career in policy work at the Climate Investment Funds (a Trust Fund of the World Bank) before starting my PhD in political economy in Lausanne. I am interested in political economy, development economics, and climate change economics, all from a micro perspective. I am currently running a field experiment in Bogotá, and am exploring different facets of the effects of climate change on conflict and development.

Alice Antunes

University of Lausanne

Federica Braccioli (she/her)

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University of Geneva

I have a bachelor's degree from the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy) and a master's in Economics from the HEC Lausanne (Switzerland). My research fields are Political Economy, with a focus on the interaction between organized crime and institutions, Labour Economics, and Migration Economics.

Outside academia, I love hiking and biking around Switzerland and dancing swing.

Laura Nowzohour 7284.jpg

I did my undergrad at U Mannheim and my Master's at Barcelona GSE. My research interests lie at the intersection of macro, finance and environmental economics. I am very interested in economic policy and have previously interned at the ECB and the IMF.

Laura Nowzohour 

The Graduate Institute, Geneva

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I hold a BSc. in Economics from the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and an MSc. in Environmental and Natural Ressource Economics from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). My research interests lie mainly in climate policy design and energy market regulation, with a focus on applied microeconomic theory.

Language lover, keen baker, voracious taveller and recent runner. I'm at my happiest on a long walk or sharing a beer with good friends.

Felipe Fausto (he/him)

University of Geneva

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I did my undergrad studies at the University of Bern and my Master's at HEC Lausanne, both with a focus on Economics. After an exchange semester at NHH in Bergen, Norway, I was an intern at Swiss Economics. My main research interest is theoretical industrial organization.

Besides being a sweet tooth, I am passionate about fashion and sports. As a chionophile, you will find me on any type of ski during the winter months.


Noëmi Jacober (she/her)

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University of Lausanne


I have a bachelor's from the University of Delhi and  masters from the University of East Anglia and The Graduate Institute. In the past, I have worked with JPAL, the World Bank, WIPO, and ITC. My research covers areas of Public Policy, Gender, and Conflict.

I am also a travel and yoga enthusiast and turned vegan recently.

Kritika Saxena (she/her)

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The Graduate Institute, Geneva

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