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I finished my BSc and MSc at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland with Quantitative Economics and Macroeconomic Policy orientations. I worked as a research assistant at the Swiss National Bank for a year before starting my Ph.D. at the Graduate Institute. My research interest covers monetary policy and international finance in connection with climate change.

In my spare time, I like to compensate for sitting in front of the computer with hiking, running, and horseback riding.

Viktória Vidaházy (she/her)

The Graduate Institute, Geneva

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I hold a B.Sc. in Economics from Presidency University, Calcutta and a Master's in Economics (Specialisation in Trade and Finance) from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. My areas of interest are: Development Economics with a focus on Poverty and Gender, and International Trade. I have also worked briefly with the Reserve Bank of India.


I am a passionate vocalist & music lover, avid reader, and a cinema enthusiast. I enjoy connecting with people and knowing about the global cultural diversity. Traveling, exploring and cooking bring peace and happiness to me.

Utsoree Das (she/her)

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University of Geneva


I hold a BSc in Economics from the University of Geneva and an MSc in Quantitative Economics and Macroeconomic Policy from the University of Lausanne, in addition to a Certificate in Geomatics. I worked at the University of Geneva as a research assistant in the Unit of Population Epidemiology during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as a GIS Analyst intern within the GeoHealth group of the Institute of Global Health and the Institute for Environmental Sciences. I am currently a PhD candidate in Global Health. My research interests are highly interdisciplinary, incorporating global health, environmental sciences, geomatics, and development economics.
Driven by curiosity, I constantly seek new connections with individuals and ideas outside my field of study. I have a passion for discovering unique musical gems from various cultures and eras, with a particular bias towards jazz, and I enjoy taking analog photographs during my travels.

Oumar Aly Ba (he/him)

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University of Geneva

University of Geneva

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Paula Gonzalez (Graduate Institute)

Pietro Campa, Flavia Cifarelli, Souparna Maji, and Davide Pietrobon (University of Geneva)

Katja Bergonzoli (University of Lausanne)


Laura Nowzohour (Graduate Institute)

Federica Braccioli (University of Geneva)

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