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How to be a good bystander

We are all aware of what is happening on Twitter nowadays with the econ #metoo movement. Sometimes as a young professional we can feel powerless when we observe or learn about sexual harassment and sexual misconduct happening close to us, BUT please do not forget how important your role can be as an active bystander and by believing the victim if they come talk to you!
Here is some ressources that can help you to become an active bystander by the University of Cambridge:  LINK

And if you are one or know someone who is a victim of sexual harassement and/or misconduct, here is another ressource you might want to use:  LINK


Our association Rare Voices in Economics is also here to listen to you and provide support, and help you to take actions if anything should happen. One of our goal is to create a strong and safe community that is sensitive, responsible and welcoming.

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