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Creative Work

Past Events:




Previous Clusters: 

  1. Development Economics and Applied Microeconomics; 

  2. Political Economy; 

  3. Labour and Public Economics; 

  4. Trade and International Economics; 

  5. Environmental Economics and Sustainable Finance; 

  6. Macroeconomics; and

  7. Econometrics

Where and when:

The University of Geneva (UNIGE) will host the initial event the 30th of November from 16h15 to 19h00 to welcome PhD students, postdocs, and faculty members of participating institutions to meet and kick off the research clusters. Each research cluster will be run separately with activities to know the research group, foster the exchange of ideas, and encourage skill growth. A group session with all participants will be organized. Regular events will follow-up later depending on the need of each research cluster.

How to participate?

Please fill in the following survey indicating your name, affiliation, and interest to participate in your specific research cluster. 


We will try to keep the preparation on your side to a minimum,

further instructions will follow.

Please let us know your interest by 21th of November.



For any questions, please reach out to:

Women in Econ Léman,

(New: Rare Voices in Economics,

Eleonora Brandimarti, University of Geneva,

Orlando Zambrano Roman, IHEID,

Pietro Campa, University of Geneva, 

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