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Alice and Fede have been friends since their master in economics at the University of Lausanne in 2015-2017. Laura met these two at the Beginning Doctoral Program at the Study Center Gerzensee which we took together in 2017/18. Anyone who has ever completed similar coursework knows how much of a struggle it is to get through them and how much of a bonding experience it is to do so together. This is the story of our friendship.

What makes us such a strong team is that we have a lot of love, respect and acceptance for each other. We also have very different personalities that complement and allow us to occasionally stop each other from flying off the ground with ideas or giving up on something prematurely. The process of coming up with the workshop and syllabus as it stands now was really organic and driven by our curiosity in the topic and wish to share that with others. 

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PhD student in Political Economy (HEC UNIL)

I grew up between Brazil, the United States, and France, and started my career in policy work at the Climate Investment Funds (a Trust Fund of the World Bank) before starting my PhD in political economy in Lausanne. I am interested in political economy, development economics, and climate change economics, all from a micro perspective. I am currently running a field experiment in Bogotá, and am exploring different facets of the effects of climate change on conflict and development.


PhD student in International Economics (IHEID)

I was born and raised in Berlin but I have also lived in Chicago, Mannheim, Singapore, Barcelona and in Frankfurt. My background is German-Iranian. I started my PhD in International Economics at the Graduate Institute in 2017 and I am interested in international macroeconomics, endogenous growth theory and anything at the intersection of macroeconomics and environmental economics. Currently, my research is about effect of climate policy uncertainty on investments in clean technologies. I am also passionate about economic policy and society.


PhD student in Economics (UNIGE)

I am originally from a small town in the center of Italy. I've lived in Rome, in Lund  and finally landed in Switzerland for my master studies and PhD. My research fields are Political Economy, Institutional Economics, Labour Economics and Migration Economics. I also have a strong interest in Economic History, Gender Economics and anything related to inequalities. Outside academia, I love hiking around the Swiss mountains and dancing swing.

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